GoPro Hero 4 Night Mode

I  recently had the chance to play with Gopro's night photo features! For these shots I used the Gopro Hero 4 silver because it has a built in LCD screen which makes it handy to frame your shots properly. With the shots that are super low the ground, I used the Gopro App to frame the shots to save my old knees from kneeling on the hard surfaces! 

When you turn on pro tune mode on any of the photo or video settings, this opens up the door for a wide variety of filming/ shooting options. In night mode with pro tune on, I have the ability to take long exposure photo up to 30 seconds. I also can. control the ISO, Shutter speed, and White Balance (WB). This allows me to tweak the photo to how I like it. Every situation is different when trying to take a long exposure photo. It's all about trial and error in trying to achieve the photo you want. So, get out there and try the various settings to see what you can come up with!